Strange Entities

By Chris Carvell

Quantum Processes linking Creation and Consciousness. A unique collection of interrelated essays by Chris Carvell, expounding in one place most of the STUNNING discoveries/devices in modern physics. A must-read treasure of ideas: a keeper.

The book fulfils a need for connecting these mind-opening processes to CONSCIOUSNESS and some paranormal phenomena. Research suggestions are plentiful (tagged SFAR). Subjects include: aliens, astrophysics, biofeedback, biogravity, brain, condensates, consciousness, cosmology, Creation, DNA, energy, Event Horizons, existence, galaxies, genetic memory, God, gravity waves, information, invisibility, LASERS, levitation, mind, miracles, negative mass-energy, neurons, non-material worlds, paranormal, psychology, psychophysics, quantum biology, quantum coherence, quantum entanglement, quantum superpositions, quantum tunnelling, reality, relativity, soul, space, SQUID, thought, Uncertainty Principles, Vacuum, virtual energy, waves, Zero-Point processes.

Other FASCINATING topics and researchers can be found in the comprehensive Index (useful for collation). The author has written the elusive book that he wanted to read. Some books carry much on gravity (see Recommended Reading in “Strange Entities”), but say nothing about IMPORTANT biogravity and consciousness-gravity “Combination Scenarios”. Subjects such as Quantum Consciousness/Biology, Non-Material Worlds, etc., are fledgling fields which are surely key in the future of human minds (possibly our only saviours). “Pink Pages” explain the dangers in our “Quantum Future”. Through the suggested research into how the non-material components (those parts that cannot be measured by MRI, EEG, etc.) of our minds interact with other non-physical entities and Zero-Point processes, we can understand better our special human Consciousness; become better people in a better world with sublimity. Even if machines such as MRI and EEG became almost infinitely accurate at describing the PHYSICAL attributes of our Consciousness (capital “C” to distinguish human from basic consciousness), they cannot display our FULL “Consciousness Experiences” (NON-MATERIAL entities). KC* (Key Concept on a page).

In “Strange Entities”, our human Consciousness is modelled as a macroscopic QUANTUM phenomenon: as such it is highly sensitive to the “Observer Effect”, analogous to the way that simply OBSERVING tiny/microscopic quantum systems (eg. neutrons) dramatically changes that which is observed. Recent results agree with this model because the very ACT of switching on an EEG (to detect energy-related waves from our brain; an “Act of Observation”), has been proven experimentally to change/modify our thoughts/Consciousness greatly: analogously, observing a neutron (eg. by a photon) affects/alters the whole system. In this book “Observer Effect” is used instead of the conventional “Observer Problem”; there is no “problem”: we are simply observing one quantum system with another which changes both systems.

Recent Quantum Biology findings show that macromolecules like DNA are only explicable/stable because of QUANTUM Processes; this implies that life in our Universe is “waiting to happen”; so life is fantastically more abundant than we can imagine/estimate: EVERYONE should be aware of this discovery! This book includes a “Playlist” of the Uncertainty Principle (deserves a book to itself): lists feature in this book (eg. factors needed to FULLY explain Consciousness, little-known LASER uses, known forces/mysteries of Nature). “Combination Scenarios” suggest how we may combine different effects/devices in our Worlds; A “PAC” (“pea-ay-sea” or “Picture-A-Concept”) attempts to illustrate each visualizable idea: relief from text. The Uncertainty Principle implies that “particles” cannot exist; all in our Universe is WAVES; this subject is explained clearly and fully: (HUP: “aitch-you-pea”). Handy cross-references throughout. “Mulder, the truth is out there, and in here, in “STRANGE ENTITIES.”

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