About Chris Carvell

Chris Carvell,  was born in Wirral, U.K. and worked at Shell Chemicals U.K. He graduated with B.Sc. Honours in special physics at the University of London King’s College in 1975. His parents (to whom the book is dedicated) were married in the Church of England (St. Barnabas), where the author subsequently went to “Sunday School”. 

The author’s religious education continued at Wirral Grammar School: then studying quantum physics at London University tested to the limit his faith in God. However in recent years (eg. since 2009) there have been important discoveries in Quantum Biology (detailed in “Strange Entities”); as if by magic the author has rediscovered his faith in all matters spiritual/non-material; so this change of heart was also brought about by QUANTUM mechanisms: in the latter case by the interaction of quantum processes and biomatter. 

Along with a need to put ALL of the amazing recent discoveries in MODERN physics in one volume, to which he could refer, the author realized that there are unexplored connections between Consciousness and processes such as Vacuum/Zero-Point fluctuations. In “Strange Entties” the necessary research for readers to carry out in these fields is tagged Subject For Active Research (SFAR). The book links the material worlds (with which we are familiar) with the non-material worlds which we find perplexing [eg. Creation of our mass-energies Universe, quantum processes in general, the “spark of life”, basic/HUMAN consciousness, paranormal, Bose-Einstein Condensates (BECs): includes MACROSCOPIC quantum processes]. These non-physical entities were the “hard problems” for many centuries: we NOW see that the pre-existing quantum wave information worlds precede the material worlds. 

We can relax! We can now even measure/interact with (and manipulate) all of Reality itself (see the Casimir Effect, “Kleppner Effect”, Quantum Corrals, Unruh Effect, etc.); in a sense this is the TRUE BEGINNING of human science; previously we were simply juggling atoms, molecules and bigger bits of physical reality; if the correct lab experiments are done by readers of “Strange Entities”, then we shall soon find the interfaces between our human Consciousness and Vacuum/Zero-Point processes: eg. we should find “MACRO-analogs” of the “Kleppner Effect” for basic/our Consciousness. In the past we thought that anything “quantum” involved ONLY small entities such as atoms, but we now realize that quantum processes can exist on LARGE scales. 

Have fun!

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