Strange Entities By Chris Carvell

Quantum Processes linking Creation and Consciousness. A unique collection of interrelated essays, expounding in one place most of the STUNNING discoveries/devices in modern physics. A must-read treasure of ideas: a keeper.

The use of Quantum Processes to search for the true nature of consciousness (a Quantum Phenomenon itself).

This is the website connected to the book Strange Entities authored by Chris Carvell.

Currently the title is available with free delivery at, and other Amazon regional outlets.

If you would like to discuss the book or anything please feel free to email me.

The book is also about celebrating the wonderful recent discoveries in modern physics and quantum biology: more research is needed, which will benefit humankind.

Some possible research ideas in this field for readers are marked SFAR in the book “Strange Entities”.

Strange Quantum Souls – New book by Chris Carvell

Do we humans have souls?

An exploration of how our unique human Quantum Consciousness may connect to a truly infinite “Super-Ether” of quantum information.

The links may happen via the “almost infinite” number of micro Black Holes and other Zero-point fluctuations of the Vacuum that we once considered to be a background nothingness of empty space.

The numbers of these “go-betweens” and the rate at which they appear and vanish back to the Super-Ether is investigated.

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